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I’m just that badass

Sunday, January 27th, 2008



strange days in this savage land

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

I’m pretty amazed about the swift changes in the GOP primary race. I hate to say it, but I’m thinking Thompson is our man now, despite his disgruntled appearance and ‘angry old uncle’ characteristics. He seems fairly strong on individual rights (via redstate) although he is not as liberal about them as I would like.

Ron Paul, a guy who makes me smile about leadership, is failing miserably. I’m going to put it out there that he’s the only candidate running against the government as a whole. That’s not doing him any favors in the media or with his peers. Perhaps he should have run a slightly more moderate platform; perhaps he should have not wasted everyone’s time. I agree whole-heartedly with his positions about the federal government, which according to my PoliSci professor is to abolish it entirely and I have to say that she’s mistaken. What’s my problem with Ron Paul?

His supporters have dwindled into the fringe: the truthers, the conspiracy theorists, the anarchists. They posit ZOG/Zionist NWO conspiracies every moment they’re not preaching about Dr. Paul. There is hardly a better way to discredit his campaign than that. There is also a new report that the now infamous “Ron Paul Report” may have been written by one Lew Rockwell. It’s not surprising though. I’ve been told that Libertarianism is merely a front for racist political agendas, and I’m sure that there are plenty of racists who do that (the fact that some of Paul’s supporters are the National Alliance and the Aryan Brotherhood attest to this).

Yes, he did run an amazing fund-raising campaign, and it’s like nothing anyone has ever seen before: it’s a first. His support from the younger voters has been stunning. Unfortunately, when his publicity is mixed between his trying to explain real issues (nobody wants to hear) and crazy shenanigans with his name attached, he just couldn’t get too far.

Most of the sane libertarians I know have jumped ship back to voting with the Libertarian Party once again (who didn’t support Paul, as many would have hoped they had) or are picking their other favorite GOP candidate. Many seem to see Thompson as the better choice out of them, and like I said, I’m tending to agree.

I suppose when you’re offering to fight for individual liberty, shrink the federal government and minimize foreign policy you are bound to attract nutjobs of all sorts. The GOP and the Dems have the same problems, just not in such quantity.

Is it so hard to understand that people might want to be a libertarian without the hangups of being attached to bigots and conspiracy-touting assholes?

In other news, I found it humorous that Obama’s campaign in Nevada was calling for Republicans to vote for their guy in the primaries “so Clinton doesn’t win.” I find that to be a good thing. I’m opposed 100% to that populist witch being elected. I’d rather not have the government take things away from me because they might be dangerous to my life.

Anyway, I am hoping for a landslide win in the Nov. 2008 election so we don’t have to suffer through two months of news about whether diebold fixed the election or other wrongdoings by campaign staff on either side. I’m still voting for Paul on Feb 5th, and I’m hoping others do too, but I’m starting to suspect that it’s just a lost cause.

In the mean time, I’ll be checking out the candidates to see who will nominate the most liberal judges they can to the supreme court during their term. That’s where liberty fights are won and lost these days. Dig it.



Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

There is this very moment when you realize that, click, I don’t like editing but I have to do it. Have you ever tried to shave a 500 word flash fiction into 300 words while increasing it’s literary virtue? It’s not something easily accomplished.

At the moment, I have three different short stories that are all hovering around 7k words that need to be finished, but as I look at them, also need some massive trimming. Then I need to proofread. A lot. I have actually considered paying to have a copy-editor make my ramblings coherent. While at the same time, I have two or three pieces that are only 1k words in length (roughly, give or take 150 words, probably) that I think could run up to 4k-5k. It’s just getting the goddamn narrative to stay clear, defined, concise. The trick is to do it without being drawn out, hung from a noose to stretch. And I can copy-edit the fuck out of somebody else’s work with no problem. I just look at mine and criticize it, trying to force myself into depression.

In other news, I’m accepting prose, fiction and creative non-fiction for issue 4 of Hobson’s Choice; there is currently no deadline as I have no idea when I’ll be patching it together with my new schedule.

School seems okay so far. One day down, fifteen weeks to go. PoliSci is going to be a breeze. English might be a little too stuffy for me (I’ve never been one for crazily-formatted essays). Who knows about math & history. Those never were my favorites, but I always did fine in them before.