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AMC’s The Walking Dead: I’m fucking stoked.

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Needless to say, I’m pretty stoked about this show. There is a terrible amount of potential for a series like this, and if AMC’s recent offerings (such as Rubicon) are any indication, it won’t be a disappointment. There is a similarity to 28 Days Later, but the zombies look far more Romeroesque (I didn’t see any running, and apparently their strength is in numbers, as per the Dead trilogy). Although some other common tropes were displayed, it is a trailer meant to hook as many viewers as possible. But with any luck, we get a great deal more character-driven than plot-driven story, more exploration of the human condition (especially fun in light of the undead roaming the streets) and a nice, slow multi-season plot arc.


Daily Links

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

New items for August 25, 2010:


Wittgenstein & Me: A Love Story, Part I

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

The first portion of Tractatus Logico-Philosphicus (1-3.328), doesn’t seem to be as wildly confusing after a second reading. It lacks the more artful style of any other philosopher I’ve ever read, that much is certain. But what it lacks in artful (or dare I say playfulness of) prose, it makes up with in conciseness.

These initial propositions seem to be trying to wheedle out what knowledge is, how knowledge relates to reality, how reality is represented in both thought and language, and how any language that is to be used to represent language ought to function (or how he intends to use it for the purposes of logically analysis, as the case may be).

Propositions 2.1 through 3.1 seem to be very nearly in line with what Bernard Lonergan posits very early in Insight, specifically:

2.1       We picture facts to ourselves.
2.12     A picture is a model of reality.
2.131   In a picture the elements of the picture are the representatives of objects.
3          A logical picture of facts is a thought.

This seems very clear to me in what I’ve gleaned from Insight previously: thoughts are the logical representatives of objects, through pictures (Lonergan calls them images). Still, I think they were both aiming at roughly the same apple. The idea of how knowledge comes to be is difficult. Wittgenstein’s mucking around with signs, symbols, the signified, signifiers, and signification seems to correlate directly with what I’ve learned of literary analysis. He breaks it down in a very forthright manner, seemingly.

However, the following propositions troubled me:

3.04       If a thought were correct a priori, it would be a thought whose possibility ensured its truth
3.05       A priori knowledge that a thought was true would be possible only if its truth were recognizable from the thought itself (without anything to compare it with).

But it occurred to me that he may be trying to banish all ideas of tautalogical arguments from his work by initially stating upfront that everything must be compared to some other thing and cannot prove itself true on its own. From earlier:

2.225    There are no pictures that are true a priori.
3            A logical picture of facts is a thought.

Which seems about as straight-forward as it can get.

There was a proposition that irks me a bit, if only because it seems to take the logic a step too far (and goes meta in itself far too early in the text):

3.1432         Instead of, ‘The complex sign “aRb” says that a stands to b in relation R’, we ought to put, ‘That “a” stands to “b” in a certain relation says that aRb.’

Which makes sense, but seems pedantic. Although it is in line with the previous propositions, it seems unnecessary and obtuse. It took me much page flipping and head scratching to grasp it (and to seemingly little purpose).


Most Zen Video Ever Cut

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

TOBACCO – Super Gum from TOBACCO on Vimeo.

It’s kinda zen like that. There is no denying that what is in this video exists. It’s not really horrifying, or pleasing. It’s more like a benign tumor. Yes, yes it is a tumor. This time.

If I ever make a movie, I want it to be something like this but with more explosions and keyboard cat.


Wikipedia Porn

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Wikipedia goes into great detail to explain what a creampie is.

I just think it’s amusing. Actually, the rather dry way they describe any of the linked pornographic acts all lack the erotic lining you might expect from amateur encyclopedia editors (the one exception being that the artist chose to render an anal creampie as opposed to the more traditional vaginal creampie, a risqué move by Wikipedia if I say so myself). But, what it lacks in stimulation it makes up for in history lessons. Which are also quite disappointing. Actually, come to think of it, the only thing that’s even interesting are the zany vector art renditions of pornographic acts. I’m not going to post any of those, but they do share one thing in common with most pornography I’ve seen: the people actors models whores in them have cold, dead eyes and aren’t smiling. (Just kidding, whores are people too.)

I would be smiling. It’s another reason I’m better than a lot of people – I’m just positive and upbeat like that. My only question about it is this: when you’re in a room with nine other naked men and a cameraman, is there exemption from calling “no homo” or is it implied by professional standards? I’ll just let you think about that one for a minute and get back to me.


You tell me what’s wrong with this picture

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

(img pops)

That’s some serious anatomy. Way to go.


Daily Links

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

New items for August 2, 2010:


Oh hey, I have this blog thing, don’t I?

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Life has been just a little too hectic to keep up with this, but I’ll get back into the groove sooner or later. I’m done with my summer classes and I’ll be taking all sorts of Literature survey courses. This should provide me with at least some material. Right now, I’m fed up with politics, have resigned myself to just accept how shitty pop culture is and haven’t even applied myself to much beyond getting drunk and making fumbling passes at girls. Also: watching crappy SyFy channel offerings. It’s slowly ruining my taste for science fiction of any sort.

I don’t even know if people can leave comments here, anymore. The spam got so ridiculous that the anti-spam plugins are locked down tighter than a Thai Ladyboy on Sunday morning. And by that I mean, very tight in an undesirable way. I hope.

Anyway, here are three examples of why I hate anything I hate. You may need a stiff drink.

So, Tila Tequila bought a $250,000 Lamborgini Galardo. The flaming wreckage that we’ll see in a few months should generate the loudest, and shortest, Meh from CNN ever. If you look at those pictures, though, the only really confusing part (to me) is the crazy diaper-blouse thing she is wearing. Yes, it shows off her ample cleavage, and despite having a vague knowledge of her public life, I still find that part attractive. Now, the weird mauve diaper part? I’m not sure what to think about that. It almost makes her look like a tranny in the first picture, and ruins the Brittany cooter shot in the other.

Palin says that Obama doesn’t have “the cojones” that Jan Brewer does to take care of immigration. Also, she only believes poll numbers when they suit her. And some asshole reporter is fueling the fire and making her seem relevant when she isn’t by moving in next door. She’s still an idiot, and I’d like her to enjoy the rest of her life in relative silence, be happy with her family without bothering the rest of us. But no, apparently too many other people want to keep the fucking jester around.

And then there’s this:

Which makes me suspect that all the family-advocacy groups and internet teetotalers might be on to something about scrapping the internet and starting over. Or beating children and forcing them into wage slavery at an early age to curb this behavior. Then again, 4chan provides content that is worse by levels of magnitude (although much of that is at least entertaining). There is zero artistic merit to this. Moobies. That is all.

Fuck you, Internet. You’re not what the scientists promised me!