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Aural Attak: Apocalypse Hoboken – Date Rape Nation/Jerk Lessons

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Today I present the “punk rock you forgot about, but damn it was awesome when you heard it” band that you (now that you’re thinking about it) haven’t listened to since high school. Put your volume up and prepare for high-energy shenanigans: it’s Apocalypse Hoboken – Date Rape Nation/Jerk Lessons.

1. Pop Sensibilities
2. Girl
3. Great Escape
4. Microscopic
5. Personal Best
6. Teen Anger
7. Hopeless and Fucked
8. Drunk Helen
9. Idiot Revolution
10. Hello Hello
11. Pop Goes the Weasel
12. Blockhead
13. Small Things
14. Dear Abby



Aural Attak: The Benjamins – The Art of Disappointment

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

The Benjamins have a wildly upbeat and positive sound; it’s this sort of mid-winter Wisconsin optimism (the band is from Milwaukee). It’s punk-rock in the Lagwagon fashion. They sound a bit like Weezer, I guess. The lyrics are smart, funny and somewhat depressed. The optimism and a teen-movie romanticism shines through, though. Everything about this album should make you smile. I got the album at the 2001 Warped Tour from the band’s booth. They gave me a bunch of other trinkets, too, but the beer bottle opener broke and the bumper sticker ended up on the front of my computer. It is a shame they have since broken up.

Track listing:

  1. Couch
  2. Wonderful
  3. Sophia on the Stereo
  4. Dr. Frank was Right
  5. Shine
  6. Clover
  7. Riverwest Creeps
  8. Weather’s here, Wish You were Beautiful
  9. Gave it Away
  10. Little Tin Heart



Aural Attak: Bender – Jehovah’s Hitlist

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

Bender is one of those bands you only catch once in a while but most often hear about second-hand. They’re like Isis in that regard. Jehovah’s Hitlist is a very rough, melodic and (most importantly) entertaining album.

It is billed as ‘Soundgarden at its heaviest’ which is a misnomer: it’s more like an indie folk band with their knobs turned to 11. They’re not entirely serious, but not whole-heartedly comedic like The Darkness. A couple of their songs might draw in the radio-rock crowd, but they most often turn back after hearing the whole album.

  1. Superfly
  2. Isolation
  3. Fresh Daddy
  4. Passion Flower
  5. Dig it Boy
  6. Fall on Your Head
  7. Seizures
  8. Sharon Stone
  9. Prick (What the Hell’s the Matter With You?)
  10. Body & Soul
  11. Lobster
  12. Angel Dust
  13. Breath Again



Aural Attak: Death Ride 69 – Screaming Down the Gravity Well

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

It’s better than most Industrial you’ll ever hear. It also took me forever to acquire ever since I lost the disc my friend burned for me of them and LUXT.

Fifth Column reviewed it as such:

The albums opens with more that it’s fair share of background samples appropriated from Blade Runner and then suddenly shifts into high gear dragging it’s audience along at the speed of sound. Linda LaSabre, better known as Beatmistress, doesn’t give her listeners a single second to catch their breathe as she piledrives on the percussion and charismatic vocals. DeathRide 69 is one of the few female lead industrial acts which doesn’t feel constrained to work stay within usual roles that most female vocalists are pigeonholed into. Instead of using her voice as slender instrument to keep in harmony with the music she uses it to thrust her lyrics down the throats of her audience and shake them up a bit. Finally a female driven band, with dare I say it, a pugnacity to insult you to your face and make you come back for more. Perhaps all those other wimpy acts ought to take notice of Linda as being someone who doesn’t feel the need for social posturing and will simply go straight for the kill.


  1. First Contact
  2. Needle
  3. F##cked Up Generation
  4. Penetrator
  5. MK Ultra
  6. Digital Submission
  7. Screaming Down the Gravity Well
  8. The Razor Girl Machine
  9. Sinister Fetish
  10. Super Hot Sister 69
  11. I, Virus
  12. Elvis Christ –The Ressurection
  13. Long Dirty Needle
  14. Big Penetrator –Forced Entry Mix
  15. F##cked Out Generation-Save the Robots Mix
  16. Anomaly
  17. Financially Catastrophic Results (track 69)



Aural Attak – The Sleepy Horses

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

The Sleepy Horses is probably one of the most enthralling alternative country (is that even a fucking genre?) groups I’ve ever heard*. I’ve seen them live two or three times at the Stillwater Taproom, here in Augusta. I purchased this live album from them the first time I saw them and am absolutely in love with it. The sound is dreamy, intricate and inspired; it puts the taste of Americana in your mouth. It is irristable and fun.


  1. One Moment More
  2. Immigrant Prayer
  3. Geography
  4. Hearts are Breaking
  5. Makes No Sense
  6. Far, Far Away (From My Heart)
  7. Floods


[Yes, I’m going to start doing this every Sunday; I’ll be going through my more esoteric tunes and finding the real gems that you might otherwise miss out on. Drop a link the comments section if you review it; let everyone know what you think.]

*Their sound has changed dramatically from what you’ll hear on this or on Somewhere Out West, Lonesome For You; they sound more like country-fried Mars Volta, sans all the Spanish.