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Rapture Time!

Friday, May 20th, 2011

So, if you believe today is the end I’m willing to take anything you won’t be needing anymore: houses, cars, daughters, et cetera.

Just leave me a comment and we’ll get the details worked out before God destroys the world. Unless you believe you can take it with you, which means you’re not a very good Christian and will most likely be stuck here with us heathens to die and go to hell. So you should keep your stuff as it might come in handy for surviving the zombies, anyway.


I’m glad I don’t have cable anymore

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

If only so that I won’t be constantly pissed at SyFy. What used to be, in my youth, a go-to for Science Fiction programming has been replaced with bullshit camp, paranormal reality, a cooking show and wrestling. The only redeeming show they still have is Being Human, which will remain successful (and good) for the same reasons SGU failed.

I waited to post this until I finished up watching the second and last season of Stargate Universe. Ever since the Battlestar Galactica reboot ended, the channel hasn’t had much to stand on for really great sci-fi content. Caprica and Stargate Universe were the last two really great shows they had. And they have stood by their decision not to renew either show by citing ratings. It’s a specious argument, at best:

Another lie recently told by Syfy is that for SGU to continue it would need 2.5 to 3 times as many viewers as it currently has.

That means SGU would need to hover around 3 million viewers to survive. This is absurd to suggest when Syfy dramas like Sanctuary and Haven have been renewed averaging around 1.5-1.75 million viewers. Eureka hasn’t even been averaging 2.5 million viewers.

I’ll never believe that it was purely a numbers game, so much as they want us to believe it.

No, I blame this on the fans. Well, on SyFy’s audience, anyway.

Warehouse 13 is not a particularly great show. Neither is Eureka. Haven and Sanctuary are even worse. But they’re still around.

What’s the difference between the shows that stayed, with lower ratings, and the shows that got canceled? Depth. SGU was tonally dark and at times disturbing. It was dramatic and had a series-long plot arc, not just season-long plot arcs. No single episode can stand alone. Compared to the other shows, of which almost any episode (not counting the rare two or three part episode) can be enjoyed all by itself, without any prior knowledge of the show.

Star Trek was like that: there was no long story in it. Once in a while, a reference from a previous episode would pop up, but that was essentially novelty. And there was a little bit of character development throughout, but if you look at the characters in episode one and in the last episode, they’re basically the same.

Closer to home, SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis followed that pattern, essentially. They did setup slightly longer plot arcs, but the characters never changed. They were heroes on day one, and they ended as heroes. They had, essentially, no major flaws to speak of. The characters on SGU did. I wish I could find a link to it now, but a comment I read was that they had no appealing virtues. They fought with each other, made morally dubious decisions, were sometimes petty. They were pretty real. But they grew as characters throughout the shows run.

The characters on the previous SG shows never failed to accomplish their mission, even when things were absolutely hopeless. And they’d do it in 42 minutes. The characters on SGU often failed and one even had to be euthanized (and not in a pleasant way). They were fuckups, but they managed.

It was a lot like the wonderful dynamic on LOST and Battlestar Galactica. It was clear that the show was meant to be as separate from the previous franchise shows as it could be. Honestly, if they could have done it without it being a SG franchise at all, I think it would have been even better.

Which is why SyFy is full of shit. They’re pandering to the lowest common denominator. It’s the SyFy fans that are assholes. They like the shows with pristine, morally-upright and, so to speak, perfect heroes as the protagonists. Neither Caprica nor SGU could deliver that. It’s just not the way they were; they relied on the flaws. They were character-driven shows. The rest are driven by whatever can make a dazzling bad guy for one episode, or a half-season arc. I am talking about the same channel that killed Farscape before it’s time, so it really shouldn’t come as much of a shock. Train your audiences to be lazy, and they’ll be lazy. Then they’ll reject shows like SGU and Caprica, proving that you were right to give them Marcel’s Fucking Quantum Fucking Kitchen instead.

Here’s a prime example of the asshole SyFy fan whose opinion matters more than people who like real content:

I wasn’t shocked at all, quite the opposite. SyFy, ruined the SG series with SGU. SGU consisted of a bunch of soap opera drama that most of us simply weren’t interested in. Not to mention the “stones” with “lovers quarrels” and even sexual contact were completely absurd. I could go on and on about how absolutely retarded that show is, but canceling it proves what so many of us said from the start. What was really funny is that they tried to contain the damage at gateworld by censoring complaining posts and even suspending complaining user accounts. We all told them that wouldn’t work either! All they had to do was fire their writers’ and get back some of their old direction. Instead they abandoned their known fan base and tried to force feed us that crap. HA HA HA HA HA HA! I personally canceled SyFy LAST YEAR in protest.
Moral of the story?
If your existing franchise is working, leave it alone.
If your entire fan base starts rumbling about changes you’ve made, LISTEN.
If your show starts dealing with raping people that are not “IN” their bodies. You should probably re-think was the hell you are doing..

They alienated their fanbase? Sure, but I don’t think it’s too big of a deal when that fanbase is a bunch of dicks like this. What’s funny is that he thinks that the SG franchise pre-SGU was working. It was a miserable situation, at best. There is a response to this that pretty much sums up how I feel about it:

first off you’re a moron, and an idiot, probably why sgu didn’t appeal to you, you want boobs, guns, and explosions. sgu was broadcast as a drama, not a action show, it was heralded as a drama, something completely different from previous stargate series.Stargate universe isn’t a show where you always know the good guys from the badguys, and that the good guys always always prevail miraculously.And always have english speaking alians. sgu is a deeper and far more realistic show centered around each characters, you end up with a attachment to every person on sgu.and the alians are actually strange and alian. both sg1 and sga were entertaining series, for kids, as well as adults, but sgu is the much darker adult version of the stargate universe. and as Joshua said, “Not to mention the “stones” with “lovers quarrels” and even sexual contact were completely absurd.” when i can speak from experience, months away from family, and friends can and will lead up to love affairs, and even just “sex friends” and being confined within a preset amount of space when such thing happen can also lead to “lovers quarrels” sgu was a much more down to earth and gritty stargate series, i for one loved it, and i am a fan, i actually watched the movie back a little while after it came out, and ended up watching sg-1 and sg-a back to back when i was in Iraq.

all in all, stargate universe was the adult version of stargate, and because they ended up without the shallow idiots who make up the fanbase, as their basis for deciding either the show is a success or not, is the reason why it’s being canceled, it has nothing to do with the quality of the show, but rather the quality (or should i say quantity) of the viewer base. thank you, you shallow retards who only enjoy breasts, bangs, and bombshells, enjoy the wrestling, and bullshit unreality show that will overrun the channel, all because sgu wasn’t breast and explosions.

You sir, win. I’m glad to know that at least some people feel the same way about the state of televised Science Fiction that I do. But given SyFy’s recent actions, apparently we’re in the minority. More people want the shlock.

There’s a more detailed rundown of the whole cancellation debacle here. It’s worth reading and pretty frustrating. But the big take-away is here:

Other than BSG: Blood & Chrome, which has not yet been granted a full series order, Syfy has announced no such “traditional” science fiction shows on its development slate. Perhaps the closest would be Sherwood, produced by the team behind Sanctuary and described as a sort of Robin Hood meets Firefly. So far that one is just an idea, however, and hasn’t been given the go-ahead to cast and film a pilot.

SyFy’s audience might want scripted shows, but they don’t want anything too cerebral. They don’t want drama. They want action and boobs. (Well, I like those things too, but get real.) They want infallible heroes. That’s where the problem is, but SyFy will give that too them. SyFy would have canceled LOST if it had been their show (thankfully ABC was a little smarter than that). They’re appealing to the mental midgets, to the child-like capacities of their shithead viewers and they’re doing Science Fiction a grave disservice. It’s probably better that they rebranded their name away from Sci-Fi, because that is no longer what they do all that well. Also, would it kill SyFy to actually hire a goddamned military advisor and buy decent, matching uniforms for the soldiers in their monster of the week movies? Fuck SyFy. I have no use for poorly written, over CGI’d, intellectually-vacant bullshit. I’ve seen Vin Diesel movies with more brains and better acting in them.

Being Human will do well because it is expected to be a drama and it has a fresh fanbase that wants that. But it already diverged from the BBC show and in a bad way. It’s still a good show, but why is it that a show about vampires and warewolves can have character driven drama while a show about space-travel can’t? Because the fans are mostly idiots.

I’m way off into drunken ranting land, but here’s the recap: SGU was too dark, too smart, and too fucking deep for the audience SyFy wants. It scared them. It was edgier than most anything they’ve done in a long, long time – even more so than Being Human is – and it was uncomfortable for the fucking retards that want wrestling on Friday nights.

There, fuck you, SyFy. I don’t have cable and I won’t watch your bullshit.


Booze can kill!

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Straight-A student Rhona Tavener killed by vodka binge

A “bright, vivacious” straight-A student died after drinking around half a litre of vodka at a friend’s house party, an inquest heard today.

Rhona Tavener, 16, was more than five times over the drink-drive limit when her heart stopped. She collapsed unconscious on the driveway and friends who decided to take her home to sleep off the alcohol had to perform CPR when she then stopped breathing.

If you read the whole story, there is something missing. For one, it sounds like this girl was under way more stress than she should have been, and second, it sounds like everyone is lying about something. Her parents had no idea who their daughter was. Her friends are covering something up. The fact that she managed to hold down that much vodka without throwing up tells me that she wasn’t nearly the stranger to booze that they want us to believe. A constitution like that comes with experience.

Still, it’s a shame.



Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Starbucks to start selling alcohol. Lame.

We have a place like this here, it’s called Metro Coffehouse. One of the better places to pick up chicks, a stone’s throw from my bed and good coffee. And the drinks are usually pretty good.


MADD loses this battle

Monday, June 15th, 2009

TUCSON, Ariz. — Drunken Arizona drivers with the late-night munchies may soon be getting more than chicken strips at drive-through windows.

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department has a new campaign targeting drunken driving. Operation Would U Like Fries, or Operation WULF, will put undercover deputies inside 24-hour fast-food restaurants to spot impaired drivers placing their orders.

Sgt. Doug Hanna, a DUI unit supervisor, says if deputies notice someone with classic symptoms of impairment — slurred speech, red or watery eyes or beer breath — they will have a uniformed deputy stationed outside pull the driver over.

Hanna says money for the intermittent program is coming from a $128,000 grant from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.

Which sort of triggered my sense of disgust for the government for a moment. Until economics kicked in, leading to this:

TUCSON, Ariz. — A plan by the Pima County Sheriff’s Department that would have stationed deputies at fast-food joints to sniff out drunken drivers appears to have fallen flat.

The department had hoped to target drunken driving by putting undercover deputies inside 24-hour fast-food restaurants to spot impaired drivers placing their orders. If deputies spotted someone with classic symptoms of impairment, they were to call a uniformed deputy stationed outside to pull the driver over.

But sheriff’s Lt. Karl Woolridge says the department asked various fast-food chains if they’d agree to be a part of the program, but all of them declined.

Money for the program would have come from a $128,000 grant from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety for fiscal year 2008-2009. The grant funds sobriety checkpoints and other anti-drunken-driving programs.

Upon realizing that they were about to alienate a significant portion of their customer base as well as give rise to boycotts, said restaurants backed out. I am quite amused by their sticking to rational decision-making. I am deeply saddened by how much fear-mongering, lawsuits, internet rumours about national fast-food sting operations and corporate apologizing we will all miss out on.


Whore Buffet*

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

BERLIN, March 16 (UPI) — A brothel in Berlin says it is trying to lure recession-wary customers by offering a flat rate for prostitutes with unlimited food and drinks.
The brothel said $90 can now purchase time with any of the establishment’s women plus all the food and drinks a customer can consume, during off-peak times, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays, and 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. weekends, Der Spiegel reported Monday.
“Seventy euros ($90), that includes everything — ladies, drinks and food,” a brothel employee said.
The brothel’s bosses said that as a further measure to attract business, the
establishment is now allowing men to bring along their wives to share in the
paid-sex experience.

This could be the best buffet of all time. If the food is good – otherwise it’s still a pretty good deal. South America has better deals, and The Phillipines are rumoured to (because I’ve never been, see?).

*Whore Buffet should be the name of a sexploitation horror flick. If need be, I’ll make the movie myself.


How to decide whether or not you’re a drunk

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Single Question Can Identify Unhealthy Alcohol Use In Patients

The NIAAA recommends a single-question screen for unhealthy alcohol use. The recommended question asks, “How many times in the past year have you had X or more drinks in a day?” (where X is 5 for men and 4 for women). While similar single-question screens have been validated in various settings, the NIAAA recommended screening test had not been validated in the primary-care setting. BMC researchers attempted to validate this version of the screening question in a sample of primary-care patients.

Of the 286 study participants reviewed, unhealthy alcohol use was reported by 31 percent of participants. Six percent consumed risky amounts but did not have alcohol-related problems or a disorder, 13 percent consumed risky amounts and had problems but no current disorder and 12 percent had a current alcohol use disorder. The single-question screen was 81.8 percent sensitive and 79.3 percent specific for the detection of unhealthy alcohol use. It was slightly more sensitive and less specific for the detection of a current alcohol use disorder.

I call shenanigans on this – things are never this black and white, especially for something like addiction. This seems like a really good question to ask if determining whether or not someone is in/was in a problematic phase, and use it with other evidence to decide whether or not alcoholism is the case.

The symptoms and indicators of alcoholism vary from person to person. A lot of people drink a lot in college (amounts that would qualify them as alcoholics) but go on to lead normal lives after they graduate.



Thursday, March 12th, 2009

“They say you drink Guinness with your eyes,” he said. “If it forms the perfect, 1-inch head on the pint, not only does it look appealing but you know it’s breaking out the gas right.”

And the head should last, clinging to the sides of the glass and forming rings of creamy foam as the pint is drained — a tell-tale sign of each sip.

“You’ll have people who get very particular about their Guinness,” Baugher said.

So true: A well-poured pint of Guinness is more delicious than a poorly poured pint. It is all about aesthetics.


world’s best haiku, ever.

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

i need two more beers
to get me where i’m goin’…
aww fuck it.


If I’ve said it a million times

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Aspirin is good for you.

NEW HAVEN – Aspirin may be good for your liver, protecting it against damage from too much Tylenol and possibly even from obesity and alcohol abuse, according to a new study by a Yale physician.

A study by Dr. Wajahat Mehal, published in Monday’s edition of the Journal of Clinical Investigation, shows liver damage can be prevented by low doses of aspirin. Mehal is associate professor in the Department of Immunobiology at the Yale School of Medicine.

If it passes clinical trials, doctors will be able to prescribe inexpensive common aspirin to treat millions of people who have liver damage as a side effect of Tylenol or other drugs.

Mehal found aspirin has a protective effect, preventing inflammation of the liver caused by many medications, including high doses of acetaminophen, which is sold as Tylenol and is an ingredient in other medicines.

Especially if you drink, and if you do, then you know that the liver is the most important organ in your body. Hurray for Science Journalism!