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Possible SCOTUS openings

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Oh boy. There is a chance that anything that resembles property rights could outright disappear. Of course, the Daily Beast is putting Hillary Clinton’s name out there for this already. Because, you know, she has had such a long and glorious legal career.


Fucking Idiots

Friday, June 19th, 2009

Bonnie Erbe is a moron. I don’t toss around ad hominims like that often.

Three incidents and counting.

In the last few weeks. So fucking myopic.

If yesterday’s Holocaust Museum slaying of security guard and national hero Stephen Tyrone Johns is not a clarion call for banning hate speech, I don’t know what is. Playwright Janet Langhart Cohen appeared on CNN yesterday right after the shooting, as she wrote a play that was supposed to have been debuted at the Holocaust Museum last night. Her play is about Emmett Till, whose lynching helped launch the Civil Rights Movement, and Ann Frank, whose diary told the story of Holocaust victims in hiding in the Netherlands during World War II.

Banning any speech is anti-liberty. Letting people say ‘bad’ things is part of living in a free country, whether you agree with it or not, and especially if you don’t. You can’t have a true dialogue if everyone always agrees.

She said something must be done about ridding the Internet and the public dialogue of hate speech. I agree. Not only have we had three hate crime murders within the last two weeks (Mr. Johns, as noted above, Dr. George Tiller a week ago last Sunday, and Pvt. William Andrew Long by an American-born Muslim convert outside a recruiting station just before that.)

The internet is built in such a way that censorship is virtually impossible.

Now we have this quote from the so-called Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who used to be President Obama’s pastor. Hate comes from among all peoples and all religions. He said this about his lack of communication with Barack Obama since he’s been elected president, according to the AP:

“Them Jews ain’t going to let him talk to me. I told my baby daughter that he’ll talk to me in five years when he’s a lame duck, or in eight years when he’s out of office,” Wright told the Daily Press of Newport News following a Tuesday night sermon at the 95th annual Hampton University Ministers’ Conference.

Well, yeah, but quoting Wright gives him legitimacy. But the reality is that Obama won’t talk to Wright because Wright is bad for Obama in the religious political realm – it would prevent him from maintaining an unbiased or neutral ground. He is not prevented from talking to Wright, he chooses not to.

It’s not enough to prosecute these murders as murders. They are hate-motivated crimes and each of these men had been under some sort of police surveillance prior to their actions. Isn’t it time we started rounding up promoters of hate before they kill?

But it is enough – murder is murder is murder, regardless of motivation. Rounding up people because they disagree with you (disregarding whether or not they are correct, which these hate-promoters are certainly not) is fascist and was a key component of the domestic policy in Mussolini’s Italy (who kicked people like Evola out because they didn’t hate the right way).

Bonnie Erbe, why do you hate America so much?


Oh, GOP, just do whatever you like…

Monday, May 18th, 2009

From Reason’s Hit and Run. I suggested that they build the GOP on Rock and Roll, as Jefferson Starship was able to build an entire city. My comment seemed less insightful and more irritating to the other folks in the thread, however.

Senator Graham’s comments are quite counterproductive, but not nearly as amusing as Cheney’s recent bout of “everybody’s in a giant conspiracy against us.” Which is similarly illogical being that a conspiracy generally a minority and done in secret.

On the same token, marijuana (pun intended) is what most americans are interested in policy-wise:

Forget about the economic crisis, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and saving Social Security: An online opinion survey released by the White House this week ranks legalizing pot, playing online poker and cracking down on Scientologists as far more important issues.

The results are part of a “Citizen’s Briefing Book,” which compiles the results of an online project launched by President Obama’s transition office to solicit policy ideas from the citizenry. More than 125,000 users submitted 1.4 million votes during the wide-open process, leading to results that clearly do not align with recent scientific polling.

Legalizing marijuana, for example, ranked as the most popular issue. Ending federal prosecutions for medicinal marijuana also ranked high, as did ending the war on drugs. “We must stop imprisoning responsible adult citizens choosing to use a drug that has been mislabeled for over 70 years,” said one respondent named “Matt.”

The fact that people might want their liberty back isn’t that shocking, really. And here, amidst all this, Cheney is going on about a non-existent war with Iran (okay, it may escalate to that if we pay them any attention) and GOP headliners are deriding libertarianism. No wonder people hate the GOP. The kicker is that Libertarians get lumped in with them enough to make them unappealing to folks who vote Democrat but who might be persuaded to vote LP.

And I suspect that if the LP ever got big enough to be a threat to either, they will infiltrate and destroy it from the inside. Pat Buchannan did it to the Reform Party, and quite elegantly.


Change is A-Coming

Friday, January 16th, 2009

When a child says “I’m sorry.” for misbehaving and then immediately does the same thing, he either does not know the meaning of the words he speaks or doesn’t care about the value of his word.

Similarly, when a politician says he supports the Second Amendment, and then votes for bills that violate those rights, there are only two options. He either doesn’t know what he is saying, or he is saying what is necessary to get elected.

Either way, actions speak louder than words.

And so it is with Barack Obama.

  • he was in favor of local law suits against gun manufacturers,
  • he supports for prohibiting gun shops within five miles of any school,
  • he is against concealed carry by law abiding citizens,
  • he favors one gun a month laws,
  • he favors ‘assault weapons bans’,
  • he has favored a ban on all semiautomatic firearms,
  • he favors limits on handgun ammunition,
  • he favors limits on ‘assault weapon’ ammunition,
  • he believes that state and local entities should be able to implement their own gun control,
  • and last month stated he would not have enough votes to start gun confiscations.

and so goes the same political shit. we have a black bush in the white house